Grant Programmes




To maximise the impact of their funding the Trustees work in partnership with other organisations to deliver some of their grant programmes.  Details of these programmes can be found on the ‘Our Partners' page of this website.

Details of grants awarded previously within our Empowerment Programmes can be downloaded using the links below:

2011 Empowerment Programme

2013 Delivering Dignity 

2014 Young Minds 

2014 Transitional Care 

2015 Maternal and Childhood Obesity

2016 Men's Health

2016 Nurse Retention

2016 Strengthening Nursing Leadership

2017 Strengthening Nursing Leadership

The Trust also makes grants within other targeted grant programmes, the details of which are set out below. 

Burdett Trust Awards 2018

The Trust is pleased to announce that the nomination process for the Burdett Trust Awards 2018 is now open.  Awards will be made to nurse-led teams that demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality patient care within seven categories, each chosen to reflect and celebrate key funding programmes run by the trust over the last fifteen years.  You can find out more by visiting the Burdett Trust Awards 2018 website.


Small Grants Programme

This programme will make small grants to projects that are nurse-led and focussed on supporting the nursing contribution to healthcare.  All projects must be focussed on improving care for patients through nursing and may include multi-professional or team-working interventions.  Projects may involve clinical care, environment of care, social care, leadership and/or education.   Please ensure that you have downloaded and read the Grant Guidance material and application questions in advance of submitting your application online.   All applications must be submitted using the link to the online application form.  Please note: we will not accept applications that are submitted by email 

Click here to download the Grant Guidance Material

Click here to download the application questions 

Click here to access the Small Grants Application Form


International Grants

From time to time the Burdett Trust for Nursing will consider applications from UK registered charities working overseas to build nurse leadership capacity or to empower nurses to make significant improvements to the patient care environment.   Recently these grants have been scaled back and are subject to strategic review.  At the present time only small applications are being considered.  Please refer to the guidance material for information about this programme.

Click here to download the guidance material for this programme

Proactive Grants

Burdett Trust for Nursing aims to be more than a reactive grant-making charity. It strives to be a catalyst for change, an active player in improving the health and well-being of patients. To this end the trustees participate in dialogue and share new ideas with grantee organisations, service providers, other funders and government agencies. The Trust aims to create opportunities to engage nursing stakeholders in collaborative problem-solving and program development. Through the Proactive Grants Program trustees work with a wide range of public and private partners to advance the Foundation's long-term goals. All proactive grants are initiated by the Burdett Trust for Nursing and the Trustees do not accept unsolicited applications within this programme.
Burdett is pleased to announce the launch today of its programme Nursing Now! - celebrated with activities and events taking place around the world including the UK, Switzerland, Jamaica, USA, Jordan and South Africa...
Visit the Burdett Trust Awards website for more information...