What we do

The Burdett Trust for Nursing was established in 2002 with the aim of making charitable grants to support the nursing contribution to healthcare. The Trustees target their grants at projects that are nurse-led and that empower nurses to make significant improvements to the patient care environment.

The Trustees regularly review their grant-making policies and procedures to ensure that their grants achieve positive outcomes for patients, nursing and healthcare practice.

The Burdett Trust for Nursing Funding Policy:


Prioritising academic rigour, data-driven technology and the collection, analysis and evaluation of empirical nursing data to guide and enhance health policy development.


Ensuring that nurses are represented and influential in the decision-making and formulation of health policy and that they contribute to the effectiveness of health and social care systems.

Recruitment and retention

Investing in sustainable improvements into the recruitment, employment, development and retention of world class nurses with shared vision and values.

Education and training

Preparing nurses to work effectively in interprofessional teams, maximising their clinical skills and competencies in health technology, with particular focus on the deployment of applied skills to a range of health and social care settings and client groups, with particular focus on primary prevention and local population health and to improve healthcare outcomes.

Health advocacy

Supporting nurses in their provision of holistic, patient-centred care to respond to the needs of the individual, preventing and managing non-communicable diseases and facilitating the effective integration of health and social care systems.

Diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing

Supporting policies that ensure diversity, inclusivity, equality, anti-racism and gender-sensitivity in the nursing workforce and policies that address violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, liberty, protection and safeguarding.

Global workforce

Strengthening the global nursing workforce by championing improvements to working conditions, safe staffing levels, fair pay, health and safety and a standardised system of nursing credentials and effective leadership.

“The Burdett Trust looks forward to continuing its support for nurse-led projects, working independently and with its funding partners to improve patient care.”
Alan Gibbs, Chairman of Trustees

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