The STaR Project: Supporting the Transition and Retention of Newly Qualified Nurses

Having brought together employers, students and qualified nurses, patients and academic staff, the aim of this Burdett-funded project has been to support transition into the workplace and enhance retention. Click through to see what the final Phase entails.

The ‘Supporting Transition and Retention of newly registered nurses’ (STaR) project is funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing and managed by Jane Wray and a team from the University of Hull.

Phase 1

Information and evidence was gathered from a range of sources about the transition period for newly qualified nurses (NQNs).

We assessed the evidence in relation to approaches used to enhance transition and retention through:

  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Systematic reviews
  • Surveys
  • Qualitative studies.

We interviewed several groups of people to understand better the key factors which have an impact on the transition of NQNs. Including:

  • Final year student nurses
  • Newly qualified nurses
  • Clinical leaders
  • Academics.

Information about the students participating in the project was collected. This included their employment history immediately following qualification. We will use this information to see what factors, if any, influence retention.

Phase 2
Evidence from Phase 1 was used to work with our Advisory Group, partners and wider networks to inform the development of our ‘transition toolkit’ in order to assist universities, NQNs and employers to support successful transition.

Phase 3
Currently in the final phase of the study, we are evaluating the toolkit to see if it helps NQNs and employers during the transition period and improves the number of nurses who are retained. We are gathering information from two cohorts, one of which has not experienced enhanced transition and one group which has experienced enhanced transition.


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Image is of Dr Jane Wray, Co-Principal Investigator.

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