The Florence Nightingale Garden: A Garden for Modern Nursing

The National Garden Scheme has shared an introductory film about the Florence Nightingale Chelsea Garden. Showcasing the garden, which is sponsored by the Burdett Trust for Nursing, this film proudly contributes to the National Garden’s Scheme’s innovative Help Support our Nurses campaign.

Baroness Watkins of Tavistock and the Burdett Trust for nursing are pleased to announce that the Florence Nightingale Garden has a future. We are delighted to be able to carry forward the garden, as designed by Robert Myers, to the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show.

In celebration of the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, this film shares her greatest achievements while speaking to the value of gardens and green spaces as therapeutic tools.

“I shall never forget the rapture of fever patients over a bunch of bright coloured flowers.”
Florence Nightingale

From knowing only what was written in his childhood Ladybird books, Robert Myers was given the unique opportunity to delve deeper and discover the person behind the famous lady with the lamp.

“What I found was not only a remarkable nurse and social reformer but a woman with a love of botany, a passion for animals and an understanding well before her time of the value of gardens and green spaces as therapeutic tools.”

Robert continues, “In the Florence Nightingale Garden at RHS Chelsea I’m drawing not only on the Florence Nightingale of the history books but also of the girl who loved the countryside and had a passion for flowers.”

To see flowers from her childhood collection featured alongside flowers with medicinal properties that she would have used, as well as images from her pressed flower collection and echoes of her handwriting from her prolific collections of letters, be sure to visit the 2021 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

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