C3 launches a free online mental health toolkit

Nurses now have easy free access to the newly- launched Nursing Minds toolkit, funded by Burdett. The toolkit is a compilation of links to sources of help, advice and support to help nurses boost their mental health and  wellbeing.  

It covers healthy eating, mindfulness, alcohol, conflict management, COVID-19,  discrimination and prejudice, domestic violence, ethnic minority inspiration, finance,  housing, managing your manager, self- coaching and relationships.

Nurses have always had to work under pressure. The COVID 19 pandemic, however, has had  a dramatic effect on workloads, stress levels and mental health. In a project which started  pre-COVID, C3 have worked in partnership with nurses (and supported by the Burdett Trust  for Nursing), to develop this free on-line resource that they can access during difficult times.

Hundreds of nurses have contributed toward the development of the toolkit which included  highlighting some of the key resources listed.

C3 founder and director, Christine Hancock, commented: “We compiled the toolkit after  asking nurses to tell us about the stressors in their lives which revealed how the  combination of work and home pressures can be harmful to mental health. Please help us to  spread the word about this valuable resource.”

Welcoming this initiative, Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nursing Officer, Northern Ireland said: “Nurses  and midwives have been at the forefront of the pandemic. Although we are taught to be resilient  and expected to cope with whatever is in front of us this pandemic has caused great stress and  emotional burden. I want to remind everyone that it’s OK to not be OK and this tool kit designed by  nurses for nurses is a great way to deal with not feeling OK. There should be no stigma attached to  seeking help and support for your mental wellbeing. It’s as important as your physical health.”

David Okoro, who compiled the toolkit with help from C3 associates, said: “The toolkit  provides a comprehensive range of resources that will help to support nurses’ health and  wellbeing, particularly during a crisis. It includes an initial assessment, to help nurses  pinpoint where they may need help. Nurses will also be able to share the toolkit with other  nurses.”

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