Burdett Launches New Grants Programme

The Trustees have selected the theme of 'Men's Health and Emergent Longer-term Conditions' for their focussed 2016 Grants Programme.  It is well known that men's health outcomes are substantially worse than women's.  In some of the most deprived areas of the UK women live up to 12 years longer than men.  Smoking, high levels of alcohol consumption, obesity and physical inactivity are among the leading causes of chronic illness in men.  They are less likely to visit their GP or pharmacist and less likely to acknowledge their illness.  The Trustees are interested in supporting nurse-led projects that will help to define proactive strategies and interventions that promote better self-care and reverse the negative impact that undetected and untreated men's longer-term health challenges may impart.
The closing date for applications is midnight on 2 April 2016.

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